Friday, 5 August 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 5th August

Reiteration of Gnar.....

Just incase u shralpers didn't realise if you wanna see some mad shit go down on a board it's worth while going to the comps sometimes. Like the Saughton Jam last week. Good shred, good brews, and seeing the shredders you haven't seen in a while, adds up to a worth while exercise. Get on it while the summer is still here demons!

I'll be hitting Falkirk on Saturday so see ye's there. In the meantime here's another drip feed from the Saughton Jam. Paul was literally fucking destroying it all day, the guy likes to go tech. To be honest I can't remember if he landed it, but even trying this shit on rails is gnar. Just wait til you see the other shit.

Paul - Blunt the rail @ Saughton

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