Thursday, 29 July 2010

Keith Allan & co killing it @ the Red banks

As promised to all the Shralpers - here are one or two photos I shot on my first time at the banks. The red stuff kinda trips you out looking through the lens. That Red shit didn't stop K-money skating them banks hard.

All round good chap and fully Certifed SYB'er - Keith was throwing down some bangers, and he came mega close to a few beasts. Next time that switch 360 flip is getting fucking done boyo! Not forgeting Dave Lane, who was killing it tae, who also needs to get back down and land that mega pop'd hardz.

SYB is calling you out - let's get those tricks nailed.

Keith Allan hitting the bump in the red storm with a switch pop shuv. Easy steez as per usual


Keith made about 5 of these in quick succession and it was rad - demon! FS 360 into the big bank

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Cowcaddens Red Banks

So just recently Glasgow City Council actually done something worth while for skating and rennovated an underpass in town into a fucking beauty of a spot! And for some unknown reason decided to make it bright red!

By now loads of skaters will know where this is and will have had a good wee shralp on the banks but SYB feels it needs to be said: mainly to the Wee skate-pro wanna-be's that are talk the talk but don't shralp the shralp - don't fuck it up by noising up the locals or the police! Just chill outif ur getting hassled and come back in half an hour. Good spots stay good only thru folk respecting each other! If we find out someone fucks this spot for everyone, SYB will hunt you down feed you to the SYB wolf pack.

Now that rant is out the system, have a gander at the photos and start imagining the tricks....


This clip was going to be kept for the video but i think it deserves to be up on here aswell. It can be hard to keep things quiet when their about as mental as this but i think it sums up SYB perfectly...purely DEMONIC! CANNIBAL COL feels the vibes of Satan himself and pays homage with this ridiculous melon while the SYB boys go wild.

The full length promo all going well will be finished up in the next month, although most people who know me will dismiss that as i have said it many times and not came through but most of the filming is done now it just needs some (alot of) editing.
Also SYB tees will be on sale very soon and will be available from Focus. A post about that will go up as soon as everything is final. NOW SHRED ON!


Monday, 26 July 2010

Heathen Skateboards: 'Faster Bloodaxe, Kill Kill' Tour

It's that time of year when all the companies start hitting the road. SYB especially salutes the gnarly bastards that make the effort to trek north of the border and hit some of the best crete on offer.

With Heathen Skateboards you are guarentee'd to see some burly park slaying and hear some death metal raining from the sky. Turn up from the 12th-16th of August, word of mouth and lurking and you will hopefully see them at one of the parks on the poster.

SYB has been busy!

Don't worry shralpers. SYB hasn't forgot about you, we've just been uber busy getting shit done for the blog and the followers of SYB. We have t-shirts coming soon, interviews, new photos, some insane skating immortalised on film and some trip reports to hit you with.

To build up your anticipation here's an sequence from earlier in the summer with the Demonic fiend that is Colin Adam.
Ollie up to tail revert @ Renfrew

Colin Adam - transfer FS tailslide 2

Friday, 16 July 2010


As promised here is the whole of "A-deen" by Simie for your viewing pleasure, major props to everyone involved. Get it watched!


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kemnay Flashbacks

This ones risen deep from the depths of the footage banks. Northern 3 chip wielding local Simie has sent through this clip from the first Gnarcamp at Kemnay in 2008. As you can see, even when its been raining the SYB boys still get the shralp in along with the finest brews available to man. Check it out..

Also if you didn't manage to get your hands on Simies DVD "A'Deen" keep an eye out as he's uploading it as we speak. SYB!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

IPATH tour hitting Scotland this weekend!!!

This is just a little reminder, well a big one really! That our good friend Tez, Ipath TM has asked me to give you Shralpers out there a heads up that the IPATH team with the likes of KENNY REED, FRED FUCKING GALL, HARRY LINTELL, EDDIE BELVEDERE and loads more shredders will be present. Hitting up Transition Skatepark in Aberdeen on Sunday 18th July, then Saughton Skatepark on Monday the 21st.

With some sick skating from the team and probably product give-aways it's sure to be a good un!

Turn up to Saughton on Monday and you'll get to watch some good shralping! Replace Tam & Adam with ipath shralpers and you get the picture... Double team @ Saughton a while back.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Congratulations is in order SYB style!

A little congratulatory salute goes out to Shezz after hearing he is now going to be tinkering and handling Big Men's Willie's (PC version) ((you know the weathers bad when we start using child hood acronyms)) on a daily basis! Yep - he's moving from Vauxhall to BMW car mechnical shralping! SYB salutes you, especially if you can get us one on the cheap.

After playing with magic spanners all day, Shezz likes nothing more than a meaty air in the big bowl @ Saughton

SYB is researching ways to dispose of rain.

Seems the chinese actually played god and dispersed rain clouds with planes at the olympics! Any skaters got a pilot license?

As Billy Connolly once aptly said "There are 2 seasons in Scotland, June and winter"! And just now it's not been good skate weather, SYB is putting it down to T in the Park. Until then here is another piece of documentation from Renfrew Skate park. Colin leaving his usual gnarly imprint on the concrete...

Transfer to FS Tailslide revert on the stick out flat bank with bricks @ Renfrew.

Colin Adam - transfer FS tailslide 2

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Beastly Steep Flat bank @ Saughton

It seems only a handful of people can properly shralp the big, steep flat bank at Saughton. As alot of people will know Man Paris can! This was a beauty he got a while back so i'm sure he's done all sorts of fucking madness on it recently.

Adam Paris - Noseblunt 180 out (ze hard way) @ Saughton

Adam Paris - Nose blunt

Renfrew Police are Cunts

Official news from SYB
So if any body is planning on a trip to Renfrew Skatepark plan ahead. Turns out the local police force won't let anyone skate after 9.00pm! WTF - I reckon they can't actually kick us out legally, but they won that battle (but they won't win the war). Before we got kicked out Shezz gave them a big 'Fuck you' with this transfer to BS Blunt on the hubba @ Renfrew

*Does anyone know if the police can legally kick you out a public park? If so get in touch with SYB.

Shezz - Blunt hubba transfer

Amazing bails

I know it's hard to believe but SYB certified shralpers are mere mortals. And sometimes we bail tricks. Sometimes they look just as good as makes. Feast yours eyes on a this...

Wilmot @ Saughton with some steezy bailing

Wilmot Bail

T-Bag In Portland

As most of you know T-bags currently overseas in Portland shralping for the summer. I came across this blog hes set up to keep everyone up to date on whats going on! Certified Shralp Swatch...



Monday, 5 July 2010

SYB Night Out

Kerrs feeling a bit worse for wear but thats not stopping him as he recaps on Friday nights events...