Friday, 2 March 2012

SYB Friday 666 - RSVP report special

The first RSVP - "Radical Scottish Vert Party" invitational
The Beast

The term 'radical' is often coined far too much in skateboarding, but the return of a proper Vert ramp in Scotland really does deserve it. to commemorate this occasion, heads were knocked together and ideas were formed to create the RSVP invitational.

Capital of france - Beastly BS grab

Socks - Mosher drop

At short notice Santa Cruz, indy trucks, SYB, Acrete, Focus and of course North Berwick came onboard to organise the event. Possibly due to this short notice, everything in the lead up was a bit mental but on the night the event came together with a host of shredders from across Scotland made the journey through on saturday to get a proper session on the 10ft vert ramp. Before I go into details of what happened a massive shout out has to go out to the team at North Berwick who made this happen - you know who ye's are - fucking respect!

Cronso - FS Tail Nosegrab

As for the line up we had: Rawdog, Aaron Wilmot, Adam Paris, Stu Graham, benson, Colin Adam (injured), Mark burrows, Scott Burrows, Russ hall, Socks, Brian Inglis, Kieran Menzies, Colin Taylor, Paul Silvester, Paul Hastings, Tam laughton, beast, bud gee, Hank Scorpio Youngo, Kerr, T-bag, Hus, Gus, Freddie Lusk, Shezz, dunder, Skateboard Scotland heeds, Clan Skates heeds, The almighty King Lad and a lot more lads I'm afraid i've forgot. But it's needless to say everycunt turned out to support Scottish Skateboarding.

Kerr - 5.0 Rag-in

The setup for the event was never announced but SYB, Acrete and King Lad devised a 'raffle ticket fur a trick' format, where anyone hyped to skate and land something on the vert received a raffle ticket for a prize at the end of the night.

Stu - Meat Air

The next 3 hours became a blur of free beer and everyone dropping in to lay down some mental shit. Stand outs on the night included Socks going all mosher drop, Kerr going paddles in white skin tight jeans, Youngo laying down the gnar, T-bag turning up late and just fucking killing it, Hus runs getting mad hype, Stu battling the beast of vert extension, wee mini rippers dropping in.

Treebeard - FS Smith

Before the event it was decided that we would keep it on the down low, but there were a few prizes for the lads going all out.
- Colin Taylor got biggest air for going ballistic and hitting the roof with an air.
- Adam Paris got second place for making the ramp look like a mini.
- Rawdog got first place and a concrete viking trophy for taking the vert skating to the next fucking level. - Paul Silvester won best trick for a vert tech/Chris Miller style pop shuv nose slide.

Paul Silvester - Shuv it noseslide fakie

To be honest tho, we wanted to make sure it was all about the Scottish Skate scene coming together and celebrating shredding. This definitely couldn't have happened without North Berwick, King lad (Santa Cruz and Indy), Youngo (Acrete) and Focus, so a massive cheers goes out to them.

Rawdawg - Hangtime

Cheers to every shred lord out there for making this event rad. SYB.

Video filmed by Zander: Scottish Vert Party from Zander Ritchie on Vimeo.

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