Monday, 22 September 2014

The Mexican Strikes Again

Predominant 'Yes' man, Ruari Britee-steer 'Rawdog aka The Flying Burrito' decided to smash it in the Street Champs the other week but missed the finals due to injury. During the heats he done some gnar shit in the cradle bowl. Heres' the evidence.


Lien grab

Front board

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scottish Skate Champs 2014

The first annual Scottish Skate Champs took Place on Saturday  at Kaos Skatepark with a decent turn-out. For those of you who missed it I suggest backing this next year and making the trip. There were a few absolute hammers getting thrown down!

Alot off lads killed it including: Tom Shimmin, David Rice, Menzies, Ruari, Paris, Wilmot, Fraser, Saul, Willis and Shaun (1st place qualifier).

1st - Tom Shimmin
2nd - David Rice
3rd - Adam 'Andy' Paris

Tom Shimmin - Bluntslide

Adam Paris - Tailslide
Sebastian - Nollie Flip
Ruari - FS Boardslide

Fraser - Hardflip

Grant H - 50-50

Menzies - FS Flip

Menzies - Tailslide

Menzies - FS ollie

Ruari - FS 180 the hubba

Saul - Boneless

Sebastian - K Grind

Sebastian - 360 Flip

Shaun - BS Tailslide

Shaun - BS Tailslide

Shaun - BS Tailslide to the power of 3

Shaun - Nosegrind

Shuggie - Pre-slam

Tam - Nosegrind

Willis - BS Tailslide

Beat Boi

Wilmot - FS Flip