Thursday, 31 July 2014

Have you seen him?

Fucking about with some camera and flash settings tonight at Saughton. Inadvertedly picked up Russ Halls flash gun in my long exposure's - made some random weird shots. With Animal Chin and the dude with 8 arms fae mortal combat (Goro) appeared at the Soco...

Colin / Goro - FS Ollie the hip

Colin - Kicklip

Dunder/Chin - Method

Have you seen him?

Kaos Skatepark - Test Shred

A week or so ago, a few of us were lucky enough to go and get a shred of the new CONCRETE indoor skate park getting built in East Kilbride. As you can see from the photos this place is gonna be pretty insane. Due to be finished in a month or so the park willhave 4 different sections, hopefully meaning enough room for the inevitable hordes of skaters, bmxers and scooter fags.
This winter seems like it might not just be so bad....

Colin Adam - FS Invert
Tam - Smith over steps
Dunder - BS Wallride

Tam - BS Tail

Wilmot - FS Noseblunt

Colin Adam - Andrecht

Dunder - FS Wallride

Dunder - FS Noseblunt

Tam - Fakie Air

10ft Bowl with pool coping

11ft Section with Cradle (to be complete)

Mixed transition section

Mixed transition section

Mixed transition section
Mixed transition section

Monday, 14 July 2014

Renfrew - Thursday Sesh

Been a while but SYB is back with photo updates! Hopefully some gnar shred documentation coming soon.

In the meantime here is Sean Willis with a lofty Judo at Renfrew. Plus a fucking nuts trick from Polish dude and Grave Digger: Sebastian Bialka sticking a Hardflip Backlip, watch this dude skate if you get the chance, the lad is insane.

Willis - Judo @ Renfrew

Seb - hardflip backlip at Renfrew photo Seb---Hardflip-to-backlip-Sequence_zps74e441b1.gif

Sebastian bialka - Hardflip backlip @ Renfrew