Monday, 8 October 2012

Motherwell Skate Park

A fresh approach to fucking things up

As you may have heard Motherwell recently acquired a skate park in the Duchess Park beside Airbles train station, funded by North Lanarkshire Council and built by Bendcrete. You may also have heard that it's pretty shit, which is correct. It's at most a five minute warm up session before going to skate somewhere better.

To my knowledge this wasn't planned in any normal way. At the last minute someone at the council managed to convince councillors to not just build a five-a-side pitch but also a small skatepark. The problem is the design they went with is a total head fuck and retardidly laid out in an awkward space. That said - you will get 5 minutes of fun at this place, but this quickly gets transformed into annoyance of a stream of children going in a constant circle on scooters and bikes. If you want to hit it go first thing in the morning - if you still fancy checking it out to make your own judgement.

This all but highlights the need for proper consultation with skaters and people who have a fucking clue.


  1. That's going to be covered with leaves and mud pretty soon...

  2. That's going to be covered with leaves and mud pretty soon...all the better for that then

  3. The construction quality is fine and a tribute to the skill of the build crew. Blame the council for opting for the design.