Friday, 12 August 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 12th August


Killing 2 birds with one stone I thought I would give all you Shralpers a special treat of a sequence from this years "KILLIN' THE KIRK" and give you a summary of what went down. And in the process maybe motivate more demons to hit up some of the remaining comps happening in Scotland. As the Falkirk Jam was fairly quite this year.

To keep it short and sweet, Youngo (the overlord of Shralp) managed to organise as much as he could for the Jam so it was possible, with some tunes and a few prizes, plus SYB was in hand to make an inpromtu "Golden shred log" for the best skater of the day....!

Proceedings started with a mini ramp sessions with some spastic on the mic trying feebily to shout some motivational comments out which resulted in every 3rd word being a sweary fucking one! Everyone was killing it, especially the wee dudes - who seem to now be coming full circle and doing sweepers/old school shit on ramps again?! Fucking class I say. Plus the kirk locals were in good form, some random wee ginger kid throwing down 360 flip rock fakies?! Then the usual comp rippers put on a show... Tbag, Socks, Cannibal Col, Dunder, kerr, Ingles, Kieron Menzies, Freddy L, Andy White, Youngo, loads of other dudes and Wu-tang, who for the record ain't 100% fit still but pulled out an insane blunt to fakie 50-50 down the edge of the mini... go there and look at that bit. Wu-tang loves some crazy ass tricks.

Then the big quarter to bank session kicked off after, with some insane transfers getting landed. Stands out were wWilmot with some meaty Ally-oop back 180 lien to tails, Colin doing insane BS melon transfers, Menzies who blew the roof off and stepped up the Demonic skating levels by BS airing the quarter to far bank with a fucking huge transfer, Tbag doing the most relaxed noseblunt i've ever seen...................................................... and then there was Bobby Bailey, who came out of nowhere and went mental.

The overall shralp of the day went to Andy White who got the "Golden shred log" - well done mate! But everyone was ripping hard. So if you get the chance, make sure you try and come to at least 1 comp, as it's a sign of how the skate scene in Scotland is holding together. Bring some brews, yer board and have a shred at different park - it's worth it! And to demonstrate why here's Bobby Bailey going fucking nuts.

Bobby Bailey - 270 Nollie heelflip @ Falkirk..... BOOM!

Bobby B

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