Friday, 26 November 2010

SYB Friday 666 - 26th Nov

This week SYB has a double hit of 2 of it's Saughton Demonic generals... who can be found constantly on the prowl at the big bowl doing fucking mental shit! So enjoy the SYB CAM 5's or so....

Kerr McLachian 5 or so from Ross McSherry on Vimeo.

Adam Paris 5 or so from Ross McSherry on Vimeo.

And here's a photo of Kerr doing what he does everyday in that bowl... "mental shit san!"

Monday, 22 November 2010

Skatepark news

Just a little round up tonight regarding skatepark happenings mainly in the form of a grand opening, a group for one to get built and a refresh of an existing one. So if you can show your support for the folk involved. Or at least be fucking positive about skaters pulling the finger out and trying to make shit happen!

The grand Opening for Gullane skatepark in East Lotian will take place this Saturday on the 27th of November (don't know why they are having the opening in november??!) at the seemingly fun little bowl setup. You can see a few snaps over at skateboard scotland here:-

Second up we got a group on facebook getting started to get a skate park built in Barrhead. Local skaters are trying to push this through with the help from all you shralpers they can hopefully get things moving forward. All you have to do is join their facebook group here - easy as shitttt:-

And finally it seems Unit 23 have had their 2nd hall redesigned and should be done in a month or so. From the photos up it looks interesting. Good news for the long winter ahead. You can check out progress on their facebook here:-

Friday, 19 November 2010

SYB Friday 666 - 19th Nov

Adam "beef flaps" Obeast
Overflowing from the putrid underbelly of some rotten carcass for this weeks 666 is the Obeast of Strathaven! This was taken a few weeks ago at renfrew on that fucking epically distant memory of what a sunny, dry and warm day was like. Just like any trick Obeast does it's usually or all nothing so as you can see by the mingin sweat patches he was fully locked into this smith. On another note if any one knows of a fine set of 'beef flaps' please get in touch with Obeast as he is hyped on them....

Adam Obeast - BS smith @ Renfrew

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Krooked 3D Review

To keep things fresh on SYB we like to get skaters involved from all across Scotland, and even further afield so our latest product review comes from SYB 'Foreign soils correspondent' - Rob Salmon, who is a shralper that also takes proper sick photo's the proper way.. in film! I suggest you check out some of his photo's here: Rob's Flickr.

So here is what Rob had to say about the always individual but sick skate company - Krooked and their latest DVD....

So Krookeds new dvd is here. With footage from the whole team, even plenty of the Gonz. The videos a little different from your average video. With it obviously being 3D. And the way it’s editied into sections of Cities and a park section. The emphasis is pretty much on cruising the city, with plenty of doubles, triples etc kind of shit going on. There’s even footage from Carroll, Rick Howard and Dill to name a few. Bobby Worrest also does some tricks over a Bum in SF. There’s s quick tranny section in there with Lance Mountain skating the Pink Motel pool. Some vert footage, and Hosoi skating the Vans combi bowl. After this there’s the Cementally Hard3d section. With Drehobl and some of the team skating some concrete parks and a jersey barrier. My favourite section has to be the LA section with Carroll, Dill and others just cruising downtown LA skating whatever they come across.

Overall it’s a pretty good dvd with loads of skating from the full Krooked team and a whole host of other skaters. The only thing I would say is that the 3D kind of ruins the main video. It would have been so much better just shot on normal DV. But it is cool that they’ve tried to do something a little different. The actual video comes in at about half an hour long. So it’s not too long to watch before you go out for a skate. There’s also a 2D section with second angles of pretty much everything that’s in the main 3D feature. And also some extras including a Van Wastell section. The box comes covered in the Gonz’s scribblings. With two pairs of 3D glasses and a little booklet with loads of random 3D shit inside. And the occasional 3D photo.

Friday, 12 November 2010

SYB Friday 666 - 12th Nov

As a little token of good zen and karma SYB thought this week's 666 should go to Tbag. Since him and a whole lot of scottish Shralpers are making the long trek south to the Mini Ramp Champs, SYB thought they should be sent off in style.

The shroom gobbler was destroying EKpark last night with a serious amount of ease. As well as socks smashing himself and the ramps up tae. Twas a good skate, too bad about the invasion of fruit booters. The ramp Tbag done this FS ollie on is mental. Its only about 5ft but is basically half vert, so needless to say this was fucking nuts!

Good luck tae all the LADS down south, give it hell.

TBAG - FS ollie @ EKpark

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

20/80 Night Mission

Featuring McShezzburry & The Red Yeti
A week or two ago, a last minute night mission plan was hatched... 3 of us decided to crack out the street legs and go in search of some new spots. First tho we needed a wee warm up at the new livi indoor skatepark - called the Garage Skatepark, then on towards Edinburgh in search of new street spots. So the plan started off pretty good until 5 minutes into warming up at the indoor, where I managed to smashed my knee to fuck *(ref 1)! At least Benson got a laugh at my retarded fall. Luckily Tam L and Shezz aren't as shit at bailing as me so they were just warming up, ready fur some shralpage of the cold concrete streets.

As most plans I have they either go two ways... 20% lucky as hell or 80% fuck up instantly *(ref 1). We pretty much came up blank with where to actually look for new spots. So we decided to hit a few spots we already knew. First on the list was the high blocks at the Argyl Shopping centre. Where both the LADS managed tae smashed out something....

Tam L - BS smith @ Argyl Blocks

McShezzburry - Tweaky FS smith @ Argyl Blocks

After that Shezz was hyped and wanted to hurt his gangly legs so we headed to the Edinburgh bus depot stairs. Now if you ain't seen them before you don't know that the run up is downhill so it's pretty hard to judge your speed right, you basically overshoot everytime. Plus the landing is angled to boot. But again shit was put down and documented. So somehow, in the end we managed to get some treats for SYB to give to all the shralpers.

Tam L - Crail grab @ Edi bus depot

Tam L - Melon grab @ Edi bus depot

McShezzburry - Fakie ollie @ Edi bus depot

McShezzburry - Half cab @ Edi bus depot

Friday, 5 November 2010

The Div footie machine...

Seems Div is on the rampage footage wise right now.... plus you can't front on some Halloween costume shralping at WSVT. Fucking animal.

WSVT Halloween Jam 2010 from austin mayer on Vimeo.

SYB Friday 666 - 5th Nov

This weeks banging (only fireworks remark am gonna make) sequence comes from the nibble feet of fellow Motherwell lad Ross Hickey. On this, believe it or not, mid-October day it was actually dry enough for a sesh at Renfrew, Hickey and his mate turned up and started firing out the tech shit... altho this was the only sequence I was lazy enough to snap. On a sad note Hickey's chino's took a beating... unlucky mate.

Ross Hickey - FS flip Noseslide Reeves @ Renfrew (insane landing frame included).
Hickey 1

Enjoy blowing shit up tonight demons.