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Memorable first experiences with Stu seem to be a common theme among skaters that I know, that have met him. The first time usually involves seeing him dae something mental on his board or feeling some mental pain from him fae him on his board. I myself had brutal encounter with stu after snaking him at livi once...

The human cannonball might have a tough 'livi' outer shell but once you get to know the cunt he's alright! To be honest alot of people might not like the fact that he tell's it how it is, but I'd rather listen to him for one minute than listen to some wee moaning cunt who has nothing to give.

So without any more rambling here's some top 5's from one of Scotland's gnarliest Concrete Slayers, Creature Pro, American exile and all round decent man fridge - a true livi born and bred monster... STU GRAHAM!!!!
Photos by Irvine & Dickson

Back Smither. Photo - Irvine

Q1 - Top 5... Livi skaters past and present?
Ben fur sure man that guy ispired me tay skate so much through my life in livi, benson bck in the day and present that wee wankers always had it. kyle seriously smashes livi in a whole new way, av always been super hyped on his shit kiz he skates goofy aswell. wee loo man that wee guys so rad he well deserves some luv, nicest wee cunt too . he wizny fay livi but i hav the radest memorys as a kid skating with big russ hall, he would give me old smashed up boards . all in all a bunch a fuckin rad dudes!

Boneless off the top of the vert wall tae big thud. Photo - Dickson

Q2 - Top 5… mental tricks/shit you've seen happen at livi?
Fuck where tay start ?? haha,,, rite jimmy boyce with the rock n roll and blunt fakes on the bck wall. that was fucking amazing !!! the day cardiel came to livi n pretty much fuck the place in the ass, that days branded in my mind. a longtime ago colin kennedy switch bck kick flip into the fun box from the top of the bowl, that was fuckin sooo knarly man i mind watching thinking like a canni beleave hes tryin that then he just did that shit? MENTAL,,, when creature came to livi a few years ago navs smashed the pool man mind so did everycunt else, but aye navs had a blast a the woollie mammoth in the pool. that was seriously sick to see ! wee bnsons frunt three oor the andover was truely the sickest shit av ever seen done in the park though , fuckin amazing did with pure eas. WEE WANKER !

Even the dirt ain't safe when STU is shredding. Photo - Irvine

Q3 - Top 5... parks you've shredded in the UK?
LIVI defenetly, saughton edinburgh, elgin, hereford, whitley bay

Back D on the vert wall @ Saughton Photo - Dickson

Q4 - Top 5… parks you've shralped in the US
Washington street SD , kona FL , sunnyvale SJ , lincoln city OG , upland LA.

Stu mixing it wi a bit of Glasgow Street. BS 50-50 BS 180 out. Photo - Irvine

Q5 - Top 5... tricks ye love doing on transition
Front smiths are a big fave smae with bck smiths actually, love doing bck bonelesses. canni beat the feeling of a nice big frontside air. av always realy like doing bodyjars man theyr there best

Q6 - Top 5… tips for going on a skate trip
Nae chicks, buy lots a beer, get a desegnated driver, avoid the fuzz , skate everything insight !

Q7 - Top 5... ways tae chill when the weathers shite
I enjoy playing the banjo, thats the best man maybe the guitar for a wee bit. Play some xbox battlefeild vietnam fuck COD man, read all the recent mags cover to cover a million times over !!!

Stu adeen
Charging the Channel with a Smith (plus post steez arms)@ Adeen Transition Xtreme. Photo - Irvine

Q8 - Top 5… scottish skaters
Cubic fursure man , john rattray , colin kennedy , wee wanker benson , ben leyden.

Crooks Fakie over the channel @ A'deen. Photo - Irvine

Q9 - Top 5... creature graphics
Iv always realy like the demon baby graphic , i thought partenens saint model was realy . skated one of navs fur a while the four horsemen yin , the big cruizr the larb, taylors first yins soooo sick aswell damn think its called leatherface

Q10 - Top 5... things you'll miss when ye leave Scotland
Mostly just ma mates man, its shite . no being able tay go skate the park n see everyones gonna suck. i think about it alot actually, but al be bck at some point a reacon ? YEAH rite !!!! HAHAHAHAAAAAA

FS smith on a beauty of a barrier. Photo - Irvine.

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