Monday, 29 August 2011

Kirkintiloch Skate Comp

The kirkintiloch skate comp went down on sunday... over £400 bangers in prizes up for grabs so there was some good shredding going down. But without a doubt in anyones mind the best part of the day had to be the over 30's comp. Just like to say well done to everyone in that jam - it was fucking awesome to watch. It was the way that the place should have been skated - going for broke! MVP of the day had to deservedly go to Youngo who was totally ripping it from start to finish, trying to land everything, massive respect treebeard!

Any ways KSI done a good job. Here's the results...

Over 30's
1. Youngo (100% demon)
2. Greig Murphy (tech wizard)
3. Paul Hastings (fast as a bullet + cast)

0ver 18's
1. Ritchie Mann (mad tech machine tre flip 50-50)
2. Socks (just mad)
3. Tbag (Steezy ruling)

Under 18's
1. Kieran Menzies (big air blaster)
2. Chris Grant (Gnar knee transfer)
3. Brian Inglis (slick grinds fur days)

Under 14's
1. Aiden from Falkirk (fearless little ripper)
2 & 3 afraid I didn't get their names. Sorry lads.

Here's Socks doing his usual mad shit to finish off...
Socks @ kirky

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