Monday, 31 October 2011

SYB Presents the 1st Concrete Slayer Demon Overlord...... THE CANNIBAL!

So for a good 7 to 8 years, that I have known SYB's first Concrete Slayer Demon Overlord I've witnessed some of THE most insane, inspiring and just plain fucking balls out skating i've ever seen. He skates 100mph, grinds like a wild beast and goes for shit most people could only dream of doing. But more importantly everytime i've skated with him he's always the first one getting tore in, never moans and just gets on with it - even if we are skating some rough ass - shit bank spot i've found. He's a true ruler. To put it simply the shralp is in his blood.

So without futher rambling SYB presents the first CONCRETE SLAYER DEMON OVERLORD:- Colin "The Cannibal" Adam!!!

Alright Col. Let's get these questions going man. When was the last time and place you had a can of Red Stripe - (i'll accept a decent alternative Beer)?
Skating needleside in leeds with the rest of the creature goons i think i might have even drank a full can to myself,with all the snaking that was going on. never mind it was a sick session we need some DIY up here.

Insano Huge Stale in the bowl @ Saughton.

Fucking hell - that must have been a fine place to have a sweet Red stripe tinny! We defo need some DIY up here, all we need to do is find a beast of a spot and get Youngo on the case!

How was it shredding with all the Creature dudes, I know they like to rip transition up?
Aye man it was sick,not sure if they were into the stuff that was here but they killed when they had a for DIY we deffo need to get some some spots made,git yer shovels oot!

Anyway man... get the mandatory shit in - Age & Home town?And whits been happening recently wi u?
Colin Adam am 24 am fae Carluke. Well me and my girlfriend Steph have recently had our first child so thats been taking up alot of time the now, also been workin like a bastard, feels like am never oot the fuckin place and i passed my driving test a couple of months ago. Other than that ive been trying to skate as much as possible and go film with zander for his video.

Col getting street planted @ Fox spot, Glasgow.

I can imagine a cannibal baby will be a lot of work man. Building any mad shit at Terex?
And how did you find growing up skating in Carluke - wi the scene and the skaters?

Aye its tough mate but its worth it,beleive me.nah not really making any cool shit now it fucking sucks to be honest haha.

Growing up in carluke definately made me the way i am today ,didnt really skate tat much in carluke until the park was built my dad or anybody we could get a lift with would take us to livi or something.those days were golden shredding all summer puffing mad herb drinking beers with all the locals,sick.pretty much the same thing happened at carluke i suppose.

Nosebash transfer @ Falkirk.

Aye those were good summers of 6 packs and a baggie, that was about as good as the skatepark in carluke got! I can also mind before we had a park coming down to the health centre and skating about on mad shit you, div and napalm made, and having my first superman chin plant..! haha. How much do you think Napalm Jeff helped influence you as a skater?
I remember that head light assisted chin plant,aye napalm jeff has played a big part in influencing the shred,sometimes i couldnt be arsed going amywhere and hed be like "lets go" and go have the best sesh or learn a bunch of new shit.hed also take us to all the events and all nighters so it was a total family thing even now when i see people ive not seen in ages one of the first things they will ask is where my dad is or how hes getting on,and why hes not there.

Big ole boneless @ Falkirk.

Aye Napalm always had serious motivation, even when he was on fire the night before! Talking about family members, how the fuck did Napalm manage to produce not one but 2 insane shralpers... namely in the form of you and Div?!
i dunno he must have made a deal with the devil.

Haha, for some HELL spawn spunk or something! Did Div push you as well skating wise or was it just good having yer bro to get a shred with? Hows he getting on anyway?
aye,sometimes he would, he'd tell me to get in on a sesh if i couldnt be arsed or was just sitting getting baked it was the same at competitiions and shit aswell.

He's now living the US hobo skate dream eh?
Definately,i wouldnt come back.would you?

True man... from whats i've seen he's going for it out there.
i reckon this next question might be tough... give me a run down of you favourite scottish parks in order of 5 to 1

aye it is quite tough, am gonna go the other way its easier...
5-carluke haha

Mach 10 transfer @ Renfrew

Offt! Saughton's only 4th? Any reason in particular for Livi being no.1 - or is it just because it's a piece of skate history...?
Thats where it all began basically,roots and all that shit.its just one of those places basically.people say it gets boring but i dunno just cause it hasnt got alot of stuff there doesnt mean its boring id rather go skate livi than anywhere else,for sure. Saughton got 4th cause for me its pretty annoying gust always got a bunch of dickheads punting a ball about a million scooter fags and even more bmx dickheeds wae no brakes.

I fucking dare you to try this. Cannonball 5 walls deep @ QPVR.

Steez'd BS grab @ QPVR.

Just plain silly BS cannonball @ QPVR.

Fucking totally agree man, there's something about flying about livi and even just crunching against that harsh crete. Fuck - Saughtons bowl is based on the big bowl! What would you say is most mental thing you've seen go down in the big bowl at livi?!
Aye livi is fucking class even slamming can be rad. Saughton bowl is nothing like livi bowl at all ahahah, ive seen some pretty gnarly stuff happwn in the pool,probably the skate praty stuff is right up there,couldnt say just one thing.

Livi skate partyies have been fucking epic. Blazing til dawn!
So middle of a hell sesh in the big bowl, whats your 5 favourite tricks tae rip out?

i like doing inverts, 5050, madonna slap tail, stalefish and frontside grinds.

Colin Adam - texas plant
Texas plant deep in the Bowl @ Saughton

Any new madonna variants u been thinking of? The tail grab one in sidewalk was rad man.
The derriere! I dunno man. I always try throw them about see if something works. Possibly try grab it stalefish some way.

Aye thats the one. Insane man. Keeping the sponsors happy tae! Speaking of that shit, what yer current shred setup?
Creature 8.8 Navarette Fireball,169 Independent trucks,56mm Bones,China Bones bearings and MOB grip.

Dark and dirty Wallride @ motherwell

Thats a big old beast mate! I've felt the weight of an 8.8 on my heed. I can tell ye its a sturdy piece of wood. haha. 169s - they actually make it easier to grind that bowl at Saughton?
After its spat you out backflip to the flat about 5 time you learn how to grind it,but aye ad say lock into grinds better and stuff.

Aye that bowl likes to spit u out when ur no aware. Reckon you would need bigger trucks if you tried the mega? I heard div shat out of doing it. If u had the chance at bob burnquists would ye try it? Or try a full loop?
I dunno ive heard the mega is super gnarly so ad probably shite it if i got up there haha,ive been feinding on a loopable fool pipe for a while now,since i went to hastings that cradle is well good.

Boneless the funbox @ btyre

Hahaha, if they invented a fully padded skate suit it'd probably be attemptable! Div did say it was unexplainable how gnar bobs ramp is. Fool pipe in the new livi extension - that a claim?! Except from a fullpipe what's the ultimate park you'd want to hit - worldwide? Plus crew?
fuck man i dunno if a loop is gonna be claimable that thing looks like it could be huge,and i would probably just want to hit somewhere out oregon theres loads a crazy shit out there. or maybe even copenhagen that place looks fucking epic,as far a crew i'll shred with whoever,nah fuck it me and stevie williams thats it haha.

Transfer from flatbank to tight quarter @ Saughton

hahaha. Ghetto Stevie. Get ur mania tech shit except on vert!
fuck aye ad try make him frontside grind the biggest tranny i could find. Though he would no doubt ollie up to it from the flat.

Footplant Fakie @ Btyre indoor. (RIP)

Ollie up then start some beef with some wee neds... Stevie styleeee

I still think the first cunt to do a loop in the UK would go down in shred history - it's worth the gamble. Gambling wise whats the worse slam you've ever taken?
Its got to be when i hung up at aberdeen kemnay drove all the way up there after a skate party benson,percy, and myself got out the car shot a photo and the next thing i done frontside grab on the big quarter hung up boom!fucked collarbone. Ididnt feel it at first then just got a almighty pain swelling up,fucking nightmare trying to hold your arm up for so long. Need to thank alex irvine for taking me to not one but 2 hospitals to get my ass fixed. the first hospital didnt even have an x-ray machine. cheers al.

Shit mate - I can remember that one. The stories were gnar. Plus you were out the game for a while after that one. Straight snap then?
Aye its still a bit jaggy i sprung it twice after that aswell,fucking brutal. i was so gutted when i done that it was my last summer holidays off school,so i got a bike sold weed and smoked the profits*.

Colin Adam wallride 5-0
Wallride 5-0 @ Saughton

smoked the profits for medicinal use of course*?!
Of course...

Right wrapping shit up - a personal skate question, how the fuck do your glasses stay on when ur inverted?!
hahaha no idea mate,ive just got new ones and they dont move at all when i skate old used to lift way up and shit it was brutal.i cant stick contacts either i dont get any wind in my eyes so when i use contacts my eyes start streaming tears.

Fuck - I never even thought about that! the speed u generate fae that bowl at saughton must be like a few G's. hahahah, yer glasses actually make u better! Shit man - new skate theory!
power of the gegs mate.

Ridiculous Stale over crail with Paris @ Corby


A while back I asked shredders that knew colin to hit him with some quick fire questions so here's the random questions that came from it.....
1. What kinda cereal do you like?
loads but am hittin the shreddies just now.

2. How many appointments a week does he have with dr bongenstein?
had to cancel all my appointments he was ripping me off.

3. Does the cannibal have furry legs and hooves like lucifer?
yes but nike sb help me cover those up.

4. What's the best perk on COD?
girlfriend blocker is a good one.

5. Whats your secret move in S.K.A.T.E
fontside flip or a varial heel.

6. What soap he uses

7. Who would you shoot in the face with a shotgun?
probably the guy fae ma work that keeps goin on about the fuckin radio.

8. I heard a rumour col wash's himself in lizard wine
not true its dove soap.

9. Is it true that Napalm Jeff is animal chin?
yes thats why he never skates in front of people.

10. who would win in a fight? the cannibal or ross kemp?
probably ross kemp,couldny grab his baldy heed.

Smith slash @ Santander Glasgow.

11. 5 people you would want on your side in a bar fight.
burrows. Actually maybe just 5 burrows clones that would be sick.

12. Is it true you just don't give a fuck?
i dont give a fuck.

13. Why is it that everyone that skates with glasses is a ruler?
no wind in the eye.

14. Do u realise that ur not really humman
i escaped from the zoo long time ago.

15. Where's that falkirk 360 transfer???
leave it in the house everytime i go there, i may take it with me one day.

16. Which is better...Boneless into a vert ramp or boneless out of a vert ramp?
boneless through a vert ramp.

17. What's the handplant you most want to learn? what's the gnarliest one you've ever done? who's got the best ones?
egg fakie and frontside fakie i wanna learn them so bad,i dunno about the gnarliest,jason jesse is fucking good at them.

18. Where's the toughest pool coping you've ever forced a hellish grind through?
romford u pipe possibly

19. Whens the varial going down?? also when are you going state side cause that gona take your skating next level boom! colin adam for x games !!
fuck the x games the varial will come in time,will be hitting cali next year for a wee holiday.

20. How did you feel about filming art shots for Towns & Cities?
zander is an art shot freak,we definatley shot more art shots than skateboarding,its pretty embarrassing.

21. Will there be more street skating from you in 2012?
Yes no doubt there will be more street skating,unless i just get on the art shots with zander and make it look like am doing something.


Right well thanks for being the first official SYB - Concrete Slayer Demon Overlord! You are a true fucking ruler dude. Finally - what Scottish skater would like to see take the throne next?! Oh aye - any thanks & Shout out's etc....?!
Its been a pleasure, who would i like to see take the throne? Gotta be kerr - the man is fuckin insane.

Thanks to my mum, dad and div, thanks to everyone i know and have skated with, folk how have put me up for somewhere to crash, has given me a beer or passed me a joint, or even called me a cunt. Thanks to shiner for helping me oot wae creature boards, bones wheels, independent trucks, thanks to AXL for clothing me with independent clothes, thanks to nike sb for keeping my feet warm and blister free, thanks to bawbags for holding my baws in place and stopping the shit and pish running down my leg. The biggest thanks of all goes to my girlfiend Steph for giving me my daughter Emy and always being there for me.

Hellla hard to skate... board slide on the cradle @ Saughton


Friday, 28 October 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 23rd October


Just 3 days until the Cannibal Col interview goes up, so to wet the shred buds of some of the insanity of the tricks instore heres a wee throw away photo of Colin charging the QPVR like no other Demon spawn does.

CANNIBAL - FS Cannonball @ QPVR

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Menzies ripping the shit out of some Transition

Young ripper Menzies has been going ballistic recently - here's some footie to back that shit up!

Friday, 21 October 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 21st October


SYB is proud to announce the Cannibals insane interview will drop on the 31st of October... the day of the living dead - HALLOWEEN!!!!!

It's gonna confirm the magnitude of how this demonic ruler rips - just incase any cunt didn't realise it already.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

More SYB Transgrssion Shralping

Some of the Syb lads got another hell sesh on at the new Transgression indoor in Edinburgh. Here's the footie. Cheers Danny. SYB!!

SYB hits Transgression from Danny Bonnar on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I was between 2 vids for this weeks WALLOP and couldn't decide between them, so yer gettin both. The first offering tae the alter is from LIFEBLOOD and the second from VOLCOM . ENJOY..

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tom Shimmin repping himself hard...

Shimmin with the GSS (GLASGOW SOCIETY OF SKATEBOARDING) Firing together an edit at EK. He is a robot.

Friday, 14 October 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 14th October

RONSO visits an old shred haunts. SYB lad Wilmot takes to the rough crete of Blantyre a while back to fire out this big ole' BS melon in the 8ft. How the fuck does his brain manage to compute him do BS airs so fucking easy?! (answers on a postcard please). Wish something would enlighten my wee frazzled brain about gnar weed BS airs!!

Ronso - BS melon @ Btyre

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Monday, 10 October 2011

SYB @ the new Transgression

Recently SYB hit up the new Transgression Indoor Skate Park in Edinburgh. The park has moved from leith to a more central location. Plus it's had a fresh coating of really nice wood. As well as a few tweaks to the layout! The main area to the park is finished and they are well on the way to getting the bowl done.

Overall the park is looking good, plus the new ply means more speed and more shralping! Membership is £25 - probably worth it if your a local this winter.

Paris and Rawdog gave the new mini ramp area a thrashing, especially the extension. Example A below:-


Paris - Tweaked grabbage

Think Rawdog was definately feeling the hell shred that night....

Rawdog - hippage air

Rawdog - mini ramp to big quarter transfer

And to finish off here's some footie of the lads tearing the hip apart.


Friday, 7 October 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 7th of October

Ronso (aka Aaron wilmot) was intensly hyped on getting this out. Quote "my brain is gonna explode" and now I see why! Cannibal Col rips the old bohemmoth of Livi a new arsehole.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the blog as Colins interview is going to be up in the next week. So here's a small treat to get shralpers hyped!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Superdead bring the "The Bag" onboard!

Superdead skateboards pull off a power move and setup a celtic connection with the insanity that is Mr T-bag on a skateboard.

More Skateboarding Videos

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


If you're not already a regular visitor to the SKIDMARK SKATE MAG site, you should be, once you've watched the vid check out their site by clickin the link. This weeks WALLOP is some gnarly bowl shreddin from this years Tim Brauch memorial skull bowl contest, and it's fuckin SICK!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Towns & Cities: A skate film by Zander Ritchie

Zander has finally dropped the teaser for his first full length film. By the calibre of skaters involved and the potential for insane shit I know this will be rad. Zanders claiming release for Nov 2011. So until then here's a first teaser.