Friday, 28 September 2012

FRIDAY 666 - 28th September

Vertical ventures in the North...

To initiate a weekend of vert shralping over at North Berwick I summoned a demon of shot from a while back. It was shot at Livi indoor park rather than at the Space - where this weekend there will be a 2 days skate comp, with Vert on the saturday then park on the sunday.

So get hyped with Cadam's lipper and hit the comp if ye can, even just to witness the progression of skating going down on the vertical plain right now.

Colin Adam - Lipper @ livi indoor

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


2 offerings tae the alter this week, 1st up a wee bit footage fae the Tim Brauch memorial contest featuring Josh Mattson, Duane Peters Jordan Richter and more heids and 2nd up a vid fae welcome skateboards wi Nolan Johnson and Erick Winkowski

Tim Brauch Memorial Contest... from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

Martin 'Socks' Maguire - Full Part

Nise skateboards, moshdog wheels and Scottish Stink bug - Socks has put together a new part. Showing a wide variety of mental tricks your probably not going to see anywhere else. Whether you like it or loathe it he is taking skating for what it is and creating whatever the fuck he wants from it.

Filmed by Scott Pearce.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Shred by the sea - Skate Comp

This weekend coming there will be a 2 day comp at the Space in North Berwick. Ample cash and prizes up for grabs, plus the vert ramp has be re-sheeted and looks sweet.

Newport Skate Park

Acrete's latest creation down in Wales, involving the very scottish and epic park builder Youngo's talented graft. Looks bloody, fucking awesome.

Pixels Episode 2 from Pixels on Vimeo.

Saugthon jam - Full highlights

If you have a bit of time to spare here is a lengthy video with all the skating from the Soco Jam.

Man Overboard! (Saughton Skate Jam 2012) from Chris Clark on Vimeo.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Issue 1 of North Skate Mag online now.

Just incase any of you have been hiding in a cupboard eating jaffa cakes the past 6 months and have managed to miss the first issue of Mr Tait's 'North Skate Magazine' you should view it online now - by clicking on the text below the front cover image...

Friday, 21 September 2012

SYB FRIDAY 666 - 21st Sept

Wee joe hitting the step up

Here's your holiday friday treat, Dunsak throws doon some steezy shapes with a BS 360 up the gap at Soco.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Radworxs reopens this winter...

Which really means very soon. Paul and team have redesigned some of the park so it should be sick especially since it's a £1 an hour. Opens 11am - 5pm every Saturday and Sunday from 6th of october.


Buster O'Shea and Hunter O'Shea's A Happy Medium 2, fuckin sick from start to finish, featuring aaron "jaws" homoki, john motta, josh hawkins, eric thomas, brett woodward, riley hawk, johnrob moore, jeff stevens, kody kohlman, tyler franz, and derek tracy. Get it watched!


Monday, 17 September 2012

HUF in Florida

Some serious street antics from the HUF team. Worth a watch of this lengthy clip.

Loading the player ...

Hus @ A'deen

Stu Taylor provides some coverage from Hus doing what he does best and shredding like hell. Here is with a fine FS Blunt.

Demons @ KG

Yet more VX goodness from yer lad Simie, with some major bangers at KG from Pete, Weir, Jape, Jah and others.

Friday, 14 September 2012

SYB Friday 666 - 14 September

Dark skys loom...

In the literal sense and more proverbial sense it looks like winter is on it's way, pretty much skipping out Autumn all together. So the dark skys will be creeping in quicker every night. So it's fucking critical ye get them shralps in will you still can.

In the more proverbial sense it seems councils still manage to go off on their own and create skate parks without consulting the wider world of skaters, like the strange plaza being built in Motherwell. We will have to wait and see how badly that one turns out.

So to get ye used to the dark nights here's a fast and steezy Krook from yer lad McShezzbury @ soco in the late evening. Hopefully see you at Stirling tomorrrow for a shred.

Shezz - Krook @ Saugthon Skate park

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Daniel Evans puts together some sick video's, check out MASON MERLINO's edit below and once thats blown ye away check out more o his shit like  BRENDAN GARCIA, CODY LOCKWOOD, FRANK FARIA, or KEVIN KOWALSKI by clickin whatever link takes yer fancy.

Mason Merlino from Daniel Evans on Vimeo.

Friday, 7 September 2012

SYB FRIDAY 666 - 7th Sept


Fresh from an indoor sesh last night, its a long overdue appearance for Gillies. The lad has been killing for years, except he never fucking leaves EK. So it's like seeing big foot when he makes an appearance.

Gillies was firing these done pretty fucking consistent. But I decided to use this make cos the roll out is pretty steezy. Good to see ye on here Gillies.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Monday, 3 September 2012


You all know this one is gonna go ballistic. Turn up with some brews, skate with the lads and watch some insane shredding. Also rumoured diving board in the big bowl!



Good turn outs for both events dulled by bad weather at Dundee. Well done tae every cunt who made the effort. One more stop to go!

Here are the CSS results posters for both days.