Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Product Review - Superdead 8.5 deck

With SYB our main aim from the start was to highlight and represent all the Scottish Shralpers that are making our scene up here fucking gnarly.

For the shralping to get this good tho we need decent Skate Companies that will supply our wooden weapons of choice, provide foot cushions to shield our mangled feet, sew plaid fabrics to cover our battered swell-bows, stitch denims tae hide our scabbie knees and make shit to cater for all our other shredding needs.

That's why SYB is stoked to sample a Superdead deck for it's first Product Review. Superdead Skateboards rose from the dark demonic north of England in the early summer, much to the surprise of alot of people. No shitting about, straight off the bat they manage to spew out a serious team that meant business. With the legendary nonchalant human that is Andy Scott, mancunian good lad - Eddie Belvedere, street destroyer - Harry Lintell, grown-up asbo - Josh Parr, nimble footed ripper - Chris Barrett and new squire - Ben Rowles.

Now that the SYB history lesson is done, I can tell you about the 'Just 4 Jenna' 8.5 Fresh size board....
First and foremost the graphic itself is definatley an instant classic, as I can't say I've ever seen a demon of a Scottish Schralper bare so much for his love of Skateboarding but Stu did! After swallowing the little bit of vomit back down on closer inspection of the board you also notice the actual Supedead logo - which I gotta admit is rad, simple yet rad.

Being an 8.5 this deck will definately suit the park/taller/hesh skater, personally with size 10's it makes a world of difference having a little more width when rollling away from a trick or heshing about on transitions. The build quality of the board is top notch tae, proper wood, finely shaped, equal and symmetrical finish. The nose concave is medium(ish height with a nice fat rounded shape meaning you have a nice bit of give for your feet to stay on the board or more sweet spot to get yer tech gnar flick on. The tail, ever so slightly more rounded seems to let you snap real nice.

Overall this board gets the SYB seal of demonic approval, not because we are biased or this is our first review - but just because it is a DAMN FUCKING GOOD Deck and a DAMN FUCKING GOOD British Skateboard company. Go out and buy one of these boards if you get the chance, you'll be supporting a British Skate company and have yourself a fine piece of wood at a fine price.

Find out more at: www.superdeadskateboards.com or check their facebook page to see where you can pick up one of their boards.

Superdead logo detail

Tail concave

Nose size

Nose concave and shape

Thursday, 23 September 2010

SYB Friday 666

Since Saughton has opened it has seemed to just blow the transition skating levels up another level. Some of the SYB LADS pushed themselves and started calling out 'Hero Gaps' after scoping out the most insane transfers and lines they could invisage. And saw it fitting to call them 'Hero Gaps' because they were fucking huge!

One said gap was called out by Aaron Wilmot one thursday evening at the park. The good omen for him to try it came in the form of a blood sacrifice from a BMXer who smashed face into the concrete and had to get ambulanced away!

Aaron Wilmot 'Hero Gap' transfer over chasm @ saughton

Fresh Heathen website

The Demonic shredders over at Heathen have just updated their website. And I gotta say their new graphics look fucking rad. Plus there is some new footage and photo's of Cannibal Col on there tae. Go and check it out since the weather outside is gash!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

SYB Friday (tuesday) 666

Due to birthday sheannigans this is running a bit late on the blog! Last Thursday night a few of the LADS went on a mission deep into the ghetto's of Glasgow to find some lesser seen street spots and some unused ramps. Rad shit went down - and here's a sample of some of it!

Keep your eye on the blog over the next few days. Got a Benson mini interview and some product reviews. Plus some more good news!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Blunt to Happy

It only seems fitting that I post a photo of Kerr tonight. Usually between tearing the hell out of the bowl at Saughton he is making me laugh and snigger with his take on the world. Be it through song, spaz dance, hell scream or some weird rant to his mum over the phone. Anyway let's hope this little gem from the SYB trip downsouth, a while back, will ease the shitness of the weather tonight.

"Chad Bartie mate, Chad Bartie is having a fucking partyyyyyy!" (repeat in your best aussie accent quick to get the full affect)

"kerr - Blunt pop out to fakie on mr happy @ Stanground, Peterborough"

Friday, 10 September 2010

SYB Friday 666

FUCKING YASSS!!!!! At last we have managed to get on top of things at SYB and are delivering on time. For your retinal scan this friday we have a still photo of none other than Livi's cheekiest bastard of a prodical son. Always the one to rip you as soon as you arrive for a skate but there's a reason he can - he fucking shralps like fuck on a board!

This photo also coincides with this years 'killing the kirk' which was well organised at short notice by none other than our first 'Legendary Concrete Slayer' Youngo. The Event went down well, altho you could tell there has been a recession with the shortage of prizes. Hats off to Youngo and Skatebeard Scotland! On a side note there was some insane footage later on that night with the SYB lads, a bag of NBDs went down. They will be worth the wait to see!

Anyway here's Benson blasting a big smokey eyed, not even trying head height floater over the hip @ Falkirk

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Night Boob at kirky

A few weeks back, the night demons forced us out towards Kirky (kirkintiloch) skatepark for a session. The red dusk creeping down alot quicker in the autumn the decision was made. After a few runs I managed to smash my wrist for about the 10th time and 2 weeks and was sidelined to taking some photos. Good thing Tam was in the mood for giving the boob a fresh tickle.... Enjoy.

"Tam knows he's gonna tickle that boob good"

"Tam - Boobllie @ Kirky

"Tam - Boobllie one foot @ Kirky

"Tam - Boobelon grab @ Kirky

"Tam - Boobelon grab from another angle @ Kirky

"A word or warning to all SYB's - when you're having a good session on a fun bag it will usually get you to fuck - if you've played with it too much!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

SYB Friday 666

Wu-Tang Shralp Steez

A fine example of all things SYB can be found in Shaun 'Wu Tang' Allison's skating. I don't think I have ever seen him land a trick slower than mach 5, usually mach 10. And any bails he take are amazingly rapid as well. All this amounts to a fucking rad steez.

Another drip feed from Livi 30th Skate party - is a fine example of what I am talking about.
Wu-tang - Mach 10 FS Noseblunt slide in the english bit

Wu-tang new2