Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Livi 30th Skate Party

Back to the way it should be...!
Massive thanks has got to go out to everyone that turned up, ripped, had a laugh, and cheered everyone on at the 30th anniversary of the skate party. It was a good un'. Perry done a good job on the mic and with the tunes. The shralpers got mad and some burly tricks went down. Full report coming soon. *Felix hope your barnet is alright, there had to be one little bastard that fucked things up.

In the mean time here's Man Paris just doing a BS boneless in the bowl for shits and giggles.

Livi 30th Skate Party

Au Revoir Andy!

Andy is away to France for the foreseeable future so we spent the last few days filming...this is the result. SYB! Guest skaters: Dirty Mike, Jake 2.0

Thursday, 24 June 2010

IPath and Superdead

Not long now till the IPath tour goes underway! Shralping local concrete such as Saughton and the wooden landscapes of the Granite City at Transition Extreme, guaranteed to be a good one!

If that wasn't enough Superdead have just released these sick boards..

You can check their website out here and hit them up on facebook here.

Web Promo online shortly so keep your eyes peeled! Over and out.. KING DRAFT!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

An Afternoon Shralp With Tom ‘nalagsk’ Shimmin

An afternoon of concrete crusades through Glesga city with Shimmin.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Church Rail Strikes Again

The Anderston church rail has claimed the bawsacks of many a shralper, this time was no different. Two weeks into his stay in Glasgow and Martin feels the wrath!

Thursday, 10 June 2010


For everyone who doesn't know what the SYB blog is about yet - attach your eyeballs to the sequence and soak up the rant.
We are here to represent the shralpers of Scotland.


The Slaughter of an old beast: SYB mission - part 2

What's the best way to round up a nights vert ramp session? How about some night street shredding - maybe a beast of a 10 sets and rough hell ride out banks? As soon as you could say 'donor kebab' there was a session going on at both spotswe hit. short and sweet shralps, Instant highlights included...
1: Heathen getting his 50 'street dog' eyes on - don't worry but, he went fucking old school with a boneless down the 10 set.
2: Shezz FS 180'd over the rail after a few gut wrenching slippages (the run was like sandpaper which meant the second your hands hit it they were getting grated)

All in all - a good nights Shralp. The beast lay slaughtered and the streets were pillaged.

Colin Adam:- 10 set burly boneless @ 'Sandpaper rails'

Shezz:- 10 set 'sandpaper hands' FS 180 over rail @ 'Sandpaper rails'

Dunder:- Electric box, Sweeper chuck-in @ 'Hell ride bank'

The Slaughter of an old beast: SYB mission

Queens Park Vert Ramp got destroyed! Last week seen the old beast breath into life again, long enough for Colin Adam, Dunder, Shezz and Tamo to get tore into it. Although that said Colin stepped it up a notch by himself and decided go ballistic and do the most ridiculous runs I have ever seen, 12-13 walls of burly airs and lip tricks in a row on that ramp is insane. I was stoked to get a BS slash on the old beast.

If your ever in the South-side of Glasgow hit this bad boy up and try and skate it. Then come back on this blog, look at the photo's again and spew!

Shezz:- Big indy grab @ QPVR

Colin Adam & Dunder:- Rocket Air over BS 5-0 @ QPVR

Colin Adam:- FS Grab over 5-0 @ QPVR

Tam Saughton:- fakie nosepick @ QPVR

Colin Adam:- insane fakie tweeker stalefish @ QPVR

Colin Adam:- Slaughter Air @ QPVR

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Old school entrance into the pool anyone?

Colin Adam 1 - Boneless transfer into bowl
Colin Adam - Boneless transfer into pool @ Saughton.

If your bored of dropping in the pool at Saughton why not fucking Boneless transfer in? Colin 'Ganja Geggs' decided it was time to spice things up.

Tam Laughton @ Saughton!

tam Laughton @ Saughton

Saughton is Epic in the Sun

Tam goes tech 9 and BS flip's to nosepick (for a while) in the dying rays of sun at Saughton Skatepark.