Friday, 28 January 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 28th January 2011

This weeks Friday 666 comes with some hope and good vibes that the weather is about to turn and shralpers across the land are gonna be able to start hitting the Concrete Seas with some hell fire this year. We can smell a good year of mental shit going down already.... Let's just hope all the grit is washed away from the grimmey streets tae.

To say a big 'fuck you' and 'cheerio' to the winter blues yer boy Shezz blasted a massive ollie high to low at the new section in Unit 23, Dumbarton. On hopefully one of a few visits he'll need to make this year to an indoor..... demon knuckles crossed.

Look out this week for January's Product review by Aaron Wilmot testing.... a Bamboo deck!

Matt Clark Photography

Friend of SYB, Sidewalk contributer and Heathen's biggest demon photog - Matt Clark. Has setup a new website to showcase some of his work. Good shit mate!

Click here to have a gander:- Matt Clarke Photography

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


It was gonna be RAVEN ( click the link and watch anyway, it's sick) but a late entry came in the shape o Cody McEntire who is this weeks WALLOP!

CODY McENTIRE IS TEXAS from Street Corner Skate on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A beast of a part....

I watched this today and realised it was one of THE video parts of last year. The fact the dude put a full length part out, under only his name and his reputation on the line shows you just how this part is. His first shoe for gravis was a bit controversial but no the less. Mad shit.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

SYB Friday (sunday) 666 - 21st Jan 2011

Ok so first off apologies for the delay as my router was fucked! So the SYB Friday is a sunday just this once. Plus with all the shit weather landing in scotland the now the photo ops have been bare. So this little treat comes from last year when it was still possible to shred outside.

Provding the shralpage is none other than the beast from the Strathaven Adam O'bryne with a Dan Drebhol-esque ciggy in mouth boardslide.


In other news Unit 23 in Dumbarton is now finished and hella good so pick a quiet night and go get a shred.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Short edit this week but some great shit right out the gates, looks like A Happy Medium 2 is gonna be sick, and it's ma pick for the weeks WALLOP.

A Happy Medium 2 Promo from Buster O'Shea on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January Skateboarding Photo issue.

Good friends of SYB - skateboarding photo online magazine have their new issue online. Go and check it out. Some very very fucking rad USA pool skating. Keep up the good work lads.

Click here to view the new issue > Skateboarding Photo Mag

Friday, 14 January 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 14th January 2011

Smokey Joe hitting the new Unit 23

Some of the LADS hit up the New Unit 23 to have a look at the layout and get a wee shred. The place is shaping up nicely and looks like it could have some sick potential. Can't go wrong with a pole jam!

The 1st phase is now open for shredding and you can see here Dunder making full usage of it. Another highlight was Cannibal Colin dealing out a brutal lesson to some wee arsehole bladers! It was fucking epic.

Dunder- 5.0 across and in.. @ Unit 23

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


First WEDNESDAY WALLOP and let me tell ye it was a tough choice, as the last week on the walloper has seen some ridiculous footage from Nike, 1031 and Lifeblood but i settled on this Blowout at Pedro Barros Bowl from Thrasher which has killer bowl shreddin all the way through, but the footage o Pedro Barros (last up in the edit) is just insane. Enjoy!

A'Deen Simie Edit 2010

Always good to see the lads from up north shredding hard, and as always Simie producing class edits. Nice work, can't wait to get a skate at aberdeen once this gash weather clears up.


Aye, thats right your eyes do not deceive you shralpers!!!

Scotlands 2 most demonic blogs are joining forces... every Wednesday to bring you 'The Wednesday Wallop!' on the SYB blog. Every wednesday from here on in, the gnarly bastards of team Walloper will be bringing us their best skate video find of the week. So hit the blog up every wednesday to find some hellish video links.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

T-Bag - Day in the life

More Scottish concrete slaying goodness in the form of the zen-shroom munching nutter, T-BAG. Filmed by Zander.

More Skateboarding Videos

SYB Friday 666 - 7th Jan 2011

SYB double edit drop

Come Rain, snow and any other hellish weather condition the Lads just keep churning out rad fucking clips for everyone who is holed up yet again because of this bloody snow. Featuring a good few slayers, young and old that are on the FOCUS stores skate team. Hitting up some of the many indoor parks that we can find solice in until the summer.


And here's an old clip from A'deen I never got round to posting thefirst time.

SYB ADEEN from SYB BOYS on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

SYB LADS 2011 1st edit

So to make a good start to the year of 2011, some of the SYB lads have dropped (a little bit late but) fucking rad halloween clip at everyones favourite skate park - Saughton.

Featuring yer boy Shezz, Wilmot, the Mexican, Man Paris and Kerr plus other random heads ripping and toking.