Tuesday, 19 February 2013

SYB x FOCUS Competition

So here's a little eye brow raiser for all the SYB followers out there... we have teamed up with the hella decent fellows over at Focus Skate shop to provide all the demons out there with a chance to win one of the new Focus 'Surface Pressure' boards, with 2 runners up winning a Focus tshirt.

Focus Surface Pressure Series

Head honcho, Sibs gave us a little insight into the new Surface Pressure Series...
"We've just released this series of 3 decks by long time shop collaborator Tommy Perman aka Surface Pressure. In his trademark style he has captured 3 scenes from the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Tommy has been collaborating with Focus since 2004, creating swing tags, t-shirts, prints and most recently boards. He grew up in Edinburgh and has spent the majority of his life living in the centre of cities and influenced by their rich visual clutter and the way they grow and change all the time."

So now in traditional SYB style we aren't making the comp straight forward, but of course rather stupid.

How to enter...
Go on the SYB Facebook page, look for the 'SYB x FOCUS Comp' Status, Like and Share the status then leave your answer as a comment. Or email: shralpyabass@hotmail.com

Now comes the stupid part!
We want you to come up with a fucking ridiculous 'SYB Chimera' (A Chimera is an imaginary creature made up of two different animals like a Griffen, Centuar, Sphinx.. etc). As usual, the more stupid and funny entries will be regarded highly.

If you want to pick up one of these boards the old fashion way and part with some hard earned cash, head on over to www.focuspocus.co.uk the boards are £39.95.

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