Friday, 11 January 2013

SYB FRIDAY 666 - Friday 11th Jan

Had an impromtu sesh at the Radworx indoor skatepark with Ross Hickey (DMC, SYB, GSS, Part-time Toker) and Murray (DMC, SYB, YMCA) on Sunday there. Paris and Shady were 'working' tae so there was a decent crew tae fire up a wee sesh.

Hickey spewed after making a trick, Murray started throwing down YMCA poses while skating, Shady sweated a shit load, SYB got mockit and Paris fucking smashed it. All in all a worth while jaunt. Part 2 with Paris will drop at the weekend fuckers.

Murray - YMCA BS Smith stall @ Radworx

Hickey - Pre-spew Nosepick rag in @ Radworx

Shady - Steezy Haired Front Rock @ Radworx

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