Thursday, 17 January 2013

SYB FRDIAY 666 - Friday 18th Jan

Over the Vert Brick Wall
After a little bit of skate rumours and a phone call later BFF Paris claimed there was a call-out for some gnar from Ronso, a BS nosegrind on the Vert Brick Wall at Radworxs.

It's tight and pretty difficult tae skate. But as we all know he's a mongo off the board but on it he can cause a bit of carnage. So Paris came through for his BFF Ronso with a call-out trick nailed and some additional gnar. Getting that twinkle back in those eyes....

Paris - BS Nosepick @ Radworx

Paris - BS Nosepick (alt) @ Radworx

Paris - BS Boneless @ Radworx

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