Wednesday, 20 June 2012


This weeks WALLOP is the trailer for Concussion Magazine's Straight To The Bottom, their own description of the film and the trailer are below. Ye can check out the Concussion Site HERE

Concussion Magazine's Straight to the Bottom is a full length feature skate video plus five bonus parts including an 8mm film shot and edited by Steve Bailey. Spots... a fuck load of pools, the DIY parks, a coupel of ramps and weird shit we like. Featuring: Pete the Ox, Royce Nelson, Tony Farmer, Roberto AlemaƱ, Nolan Johnson, Punker Mtt, Peter Gunn, Bart Steed, Jack Given, Screech, Josh Snyder, Mad Mike, Hitz & Navs, Jimmy the Greek, Max Holbein, the Felem Crew. With: Adam Morgan, Tyler Mumma, Zarosh, Craig Whitehead, Dirt, Raven, Sparrow, Tanner Zelinsky, Demon, Danger, Ryan Wilburn, Rune Glifburg, Mouth, Chet Childress, Maru, Steve Reeves, Jason D., Dude Crew James, and a bunch more fucking randoms....

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