Thursday, 21 June 2012



You may have heard a few mentions about this randomly... So tae make things official on yon interweb, SYB and Skateboard Scotland have knocked heads together in order to try and come up with a rad way to hype and push Scottish Skateboarding as much as possible.

Before we get into the details, for all the haters: THIS IS NOT FUCKING STREET LEAGUE and WE ARE NOT TRYING TO TAKE ANYTHING OVER. So we ain't changing any formats or making any rules, this is just an extra incentive to get demons on their boards and to these events.

So tae break it down, the Concrete Slayer Series (CSS) is a competition run over the summer and the 7 main skate park competitions in Scotland: Renfrew, Livi, Elgin, Falkirk, Dundee, Perth and Saughton. 

This year, the competition is for the over 18's main division only - but we are looking to do a under 18's and veterans division in the future. We are gonna score rad shit on a GNAR-PRIX style points system this year as a tester. So whoever is 1st gets 10pts then 2nd gets 9pts, 3rd gets 8pts and so on until 10th place.... plus points awarded or taken away for random shit. The scoring system means it should be fairly open to the very end - as lads will miss events due to laziness, hangovers and random mad shenanigans.

After each comp, there will be an update poster on the SYB blog and Skateboard Scotland.

The final event will held at Saughton, where the overall winner of the will be awarded the CONCRETE SLAYER HAMMER (made by darren - who made the WOTT swords!!!) Plus whatever prizes we manage to scrounge.

So he it is love it or hate the CONCRETE SLAYER SERIES. See ye's at the next event.. Livi Skate party 2012. Oh aye Renfrew results will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. Daryl made the swords. No darren.