Friday, 12 November 2010

SYB Friday 666 - 12th Nov

As a little token of good zen and karma SYB thought this week's 666 should go to Tbag. Since him and a whole lot of scottish Shralpers are making the long trek south to the Mini Ramp Champs, SYB thought they should be sent off in style.

The shroom gobbler was destroying EKpark last night with a serious amount of ease. As well as socks smashing himself and the ramps up tae. Twas a good skate, too bad about the invasion of fruit booters. The ramp Tbag done this FS ollie on is mental. Its only about 5ft but is basically half vert, so needless to say this was fucking nuts!

Good luck tae all the LADS down south, give it hell.

TBAG - FS ollie @ EKpark

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