Wednesday, 10 November 2010

20/80 Night Mission

Featuring McShezzburry & The Red Yeti
A week or two ago, a last minute night mission plan was hatched... 3 of us decided to crack out the street legs and go in search of some new spots. First tho we needed a wee warm up at the new livi indoor skatepark - called the Garage Skatepark, then on towards Edinburgh in search of new street spots. So the plan started off pretty good until 5 minutes into warming up at the indoor, where I managed to smashed my knee to fuck *(ref 1)! At least Benson got a laugh at my retarded fall. Luckily Tam L and Shezz aren't as shit at bailing as me so they were just warming up, ready fur some shralpage of the cold concrete streets.

As most plans I have they either go two ways... 20% lucky as hell or 80% fuck up instantly *(ref 1). We pretty much came up blank with where to actually look for new spots. So we decided to hit a few spots we already knew. First on the list was the high blocks at the Argyl Shopping centre. Where both the LADS managed tae smashed out something....

Tam L - BS smith @ Argyl Blocks

McShezzburry - Tweaky FS smith @ Argyl Blocks

After that Shezz was hyped and wanted to hurt his gangly legs so we headed to the Edinburgh bus depot stairs. Now if you ain't seen them before you don't know that the run up is downhill so it's pretty hard to judge your speed right, you basically overshoot everytime. Plus the landing is angled to boot. But again shit was put down and documented. So somehow, in the end we managed to get some treats for SYB to give to all the shralpers.

Tam L - Crail grab @ Edi bus depot

Tam L - Melon grab @ Edi bus depot

McShezzburry - Fakie ollie @ Edi bus depot

McShezzburry - Half cab @ Edi bus depot

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