Shralp Ya Bass has worked hard to try to document and locate every skatepark in Scotland, so that all you demons can plan your next shred mission. Be warned, all the parks on this list ARE NOT decent. There are a lot of total wastes of space retard built ones.

The printed map will be out in the next month or two in time for the nice weather.

This map isn't exhaustive, as i'm sure there are a few shite one's I have missed. So get intouch at if i have missed one. Cheers

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  1. Don't forget Irvine skatepark
    Metal ramps, exposed to wind, 5ft miniramp with no coping. not great iv'e been to worse

  2. One to add in Crail - Paste location in to google maps -> 9C8V796C+G8

  3. Also new concrete parks recently built in Cowie nr Stirling and 2 in Alloa.
    Main St, Cowie, Stirling, FK7 7AA
    Alloa - 9C8R4665+Q5 & 9C8R46H6+8G

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us! Some really amazing features.

    Flat Earth Map

  5. Sofia Conti

    Would there be any skating park that would allow me as a student in photography to take images? Just want action shots and tricks and perhaps just chilling. Looking at ideas for my graded unit.