Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scottish Skate Champs 2014

The first annual Scottish Skate Champs took Place on Saturday  at Kaos Skatepark with a decent turn-out. For those of you who missed it I suggest backing this next year and making the trip. There were a few absolute hammers getting thrown down!

Alot off lads killed it including: Tom Shimmin, David Rice, Menzies, Ruari, Paris, Wilmot, Fraser, Saul, Willis and Shaun (1st place qualifier).

1st - Tom Shimmin
2nd - David Rice
3rd - Adam 'Andy' Paris

Tom Shimmin - Bluntslide

Adam Paris - Tailslide
Sebastian - Nollie Flip
Ruari - FS Boardslide

Fraser - Hardflip

Grant H - 50-50

Menzies - FS Flip

Menzies - Tailslide

Menzies - FS ollie

Ruari - FS 180 the hubba

Saul - Boneless

Sebastian - K Grind

Sebastian - 360 Flip

Shaun - BS Tailslide

Shaun - BS Tailslide

Shaun - BS Tailslide to the power of 3

Shaun - Nosegrind

Shuggie - Pre-slam

Tam - Nosegrind

Willis - BS Tailslide

Beat Boi

Wilmot - FS Flip

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