Friday, 14 June 2013

SYB FRIDAY 666 - 14th June


Last night there was a beast of a sesh at Saughton for Burrows lad, Ollie's Birthday. Needless to say the sesh went off, especially with some absolute bangers getting thrown down on an OG setup trolley coming out the flat bank. None other than two of Scotland's elder OG shredders, the short wearing Bryan Jones and Nike Europe TM/Fine gent Colin Kennedy switched the steez on and smashed out some hype for the lads. Good times.

All the lads including Div, Cadam, Shezz, Dunder, Wu-Tang, Burrows were having it - SYB will post more soon. In the meantime savour this absolute banger of a 360 flip from Bryan, he fought hard for it. (Note: Div landed a 360 flip later on that he got smashed up trying tae. Wis Gnar.)

Bryan Jones Town Massacre - OG 360 Flip over the trolley @ Saughton

Colin Kennedy - Ollie One-footin the clouds away @ Saughton

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