Friday, 12 April 2013

SYB FRIDAY 666 - 12 April

There's definately some kind of force field has been created above Saughton by the collective mind power of all the lads that crave a shred there! last night it was fucking soaking west coast, so a few of us headed through to Edinburgh in the hope of some dry weather. It was still raining 5 miles fae the park then it just stopped. FUCKING STOKED.

Sesh with the lads commenced, then some out of no where a huge rail turned up and got bolted in. A few folk stepped up and tackled the beast. I have no idea what their names were but these two shralpers nailed the full length.

Foreign Dude - K Grind the full beast @ Saughton

Andrzej Kwiatek - Feeble to fakie @ Saughton

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