Friday, 5 October 2012

SYB FRIDAY 666 - 5th October

It's a pretty bad feeling when ye lose your hype for skateboarding which kind of happened to ole SYB. So apologies for lack of decent posts lately. SYB is trying to pull out the finger.

It happens to every shralper at point I guess but I'm hoping there might be some upsides to this shite downer -
1. You get to feel that initial insane adrenaline again when you rediscover the hype.
2. There are skate photos and videos out there that will hopefully get that love of skateboarding back.

I was looking through some photos I took recently and thought about the fact there are always different angles to approach skateboarding - which makes it so amazing. So maybe a gnarly angle and sick skate photo will help find some of that fucking hype again....?! What a depressing ramble.  

Here is Aaron Wilmot Floating one over a gap at Livi indoor.


  1. You don't owe any explanations to anybody. Skating (life) is like that...peaks and troughs, baby.

    Your site still kicks serious backside, so don't go beatin' yersel' up aboot it.

    Thanks for the past posts and those gems yet to come.

    Though few people ever comment, there is much love fer the bass.


    1. didnt realise you could even comment , too busy watchin the skating or lookin at the cool photos on here . keep it up . fuckin good that someone highlights the sick shit that is goin on in skating in scotland !

  2. aarons green wheels are fucking rotten ahhhhhh