Friday, 14 September 2012

SYB Friday 666 - 14 September

Dark skys loom...

In the literal sense and more proverbial sense it looks like winter is on it's way, pretty much skipping out Autumn all together. So the dark skys will be creeping in quicker every night. So it's fucking critical ye get them shralps in will you still can.

In the more proverbial sense it seems councils still manage to go off on their own and create skate parks without consulting the wider world of skaters, like the strange plaza being built in Motherwell. We will have to wait and see how badly that one turns out.

So to get ye used to the dark nights here's a fast and steezy Krook from yer lad McShezzbury @ soco in the late evening. Hopefully see you at Stirling tomorrrow for a shred.

Shezz - Krook @ Saugthon Skate park

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