Friday, 10 August 2012

SYB FRIDAY 666 - 10th August

The Jordanhill Annihilation shred

The sun was blasting oot on thursday, so everyone was hyped tae get a shralp on. As usual KG was fucking rammed and full o' wee arseholes. So a big crew of LADS decided it was time for a late night street mission over to Jordanhill including Ole SYB, Wilmot, Freddie "Rieder / the slam king" Lusk, Adam Logan, Pete Copeland, Dunder, Tam Pon, O'beast, Willis, Chris Weir and wee Porter.

Not gonna lie, there were some serious bangers going down. Hella sick session. Dunder steezing on some banks, Freddie "Rieder" Lusk got himself a new aka: "The Slam King" after taking a brutal jump n burn. But that's what happens when cunts get hyped! Tam doing a death pick off a rail into bank, then a beast of tight rail getting destroyed.

Here's just 2 photos of said rail destruction, which is hard as fuck to hit, no run up and you gotta cut in to it from an angle. Here it's ollie'd both ways by Dunder and Pete. She wanted it but wisnae giving it away easy...!

Dunder - Tight Rail Ollie

Pete - Tight Rail Ollie 2

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