Thursday, 5 July 2012

SYB FRIDAY 666 - 6th July 2012


Since this week has been so fucking shit this week SYB is posting 2 treats for the lads!

First up we go the king throbber himself(a story for another time) - Kerr who is always game for going on some retarded trip just for a skate. Plus we got one of the Perth lads - Petay, who always shred fast and steezy as fuck! These photos were from a while back at Dbart. Bout time I fucking used them.

On a side note - it was clear from the non-event that was Livi, that it needs to be ORGANISED properly for next year. Cunts need to get on this now, so there isn't a pathetic turn out like last Saturday.

King Throbber - Frontside rock'n'roll @ dbart

Petay Perth - Fronside D @ dbart

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