Friday, 3 February 2012

SYB Friday 666 - Friday 3rd 2012

So it looks like 2012 is gonna be an insane year for Scottish skateboarding! With the annoucement that the vert ramp at North Berwick is COMPLETE! So now is the time tae get some pads and attack some 10ft vert...

A big shout out goes to the team at NB for making this a reality and in particular the gnar lad with many names already has just earned himself another for his insane efforts and single minded focus to construct it. Well done Ruari "Rawdog" aka "Transfer" Aka "the Mexican" aka "Fakie" "the Flying Burrito" and now aka "the Vert Vundubar" Britree!

To celebrate here's a little throw-away photo (full write up coming end of the month) with "the Vert Vundubar" testing the transition out with a FS grab

And here's footage of UK vert ripper Sam Beckett, show ye how the fuck it done.

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  1. Fantastic video footage!! Excellent performance. Over out looking. I proud you. Thanks for sharing.