Friday, 16 December 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 16th December

This week's treat of a 666 comes after a heavy week of other treats. Namely in the form of some SYB gnar gear. Hoodies, tees and beanies dropping with a good helping of hype. Thanks to everyone who has bought one! Following that up we got SYB stickers and some fucking 'fresh' SYB air freshners on the way!

Not to mention every one that buys something will get stickers posted to them (when they arrive) and gets entered into a prize draw for a insanely uber limited edition framed print of the first SYB Concrete Slayer overlord - Cannibal Col. Buy shit here...

Anyway enough of that rambling. Here's a tasty little treat from the new Radworx's indoor in Hamilton. It's actually about 5 minutes away from Blantyre skatepark. And its not for profit so well worth a visit to keep the place open this winter.

It's a tight little beast but well worth a £1 an hour. Here's the boss... Paul "man" Silvester going for it with this ollie up the step-up, to lipslide transfer into the quarter.

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