Thursday, 29 September 2011

SYB Iphone wallpaper

SYB is getting tech the day! if you have a decidedly shit wallpaper for your iPhone/smartphone look no further than good ole SYB to hook ye up with a decent one. (If you don't have a iPhone go out and buy one just for this wallpaper.)

To hook yourself up with one of the wallpapers follow these instructions....
1. Download your preferred choice of wallpaper to your computer by:- right clicking and 'save as' to your desktop.
2. Next send an email to an email account you can access on your IPhone and attach the SYB wallpaper.
3. After that whip yer phone out and open the email.
4. Finally save the attachment, then open and shazam - set as ur wallpaper. Boom. Done.

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