Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Product Review: Bamboo Board by Single Skatboards

Of the greater evils in Skateboarding alot of us are frequently acquainted with the more common and altogether unwanted ones. The most common, probably that hard slam at least once a shred, or maybe the annoying little fruit booter that gets in your way at the skate park, a flat spot on your wheel or a real session ender - a snapped board! It's a gut wrencher as it usually happens when your having a fucking beauty of a session shralping.

And this is where Single Skateboards have came in with quite a genius idea. Solving not 1 greater evil but 2, that us skateboarders have:

1: The amount of Board snapping we do.
2: Our impact on the environment - since every board we skate is made from trees.

Christophe at Single Skateboards kindly gave one of the SYB LADs - Aaron Wilmot a board to test and here's what he had to say about it along with some pics of the boards:

"More and more people are worrying about the effects of global warming these days,if you are into helping the environment and trying new and interesting ways to stop global warming then try a bamboo board on for size! Myself and some of the SYB lads tested these new earth helpers and found that the 8.25 singles skateboard was a wee treat. Its made up of 3 layers of bamboo plywood, which means it is theoretically the same build as a normal board, but it's super strong and very light however still gives great flexibility, so it works well for a board.

The shape of the board is not unusual, it feels ready to rip as soon as you step on it,the nose is fat meaning grabbing it or smashing out a lip trick like a nose pick is nae bother. The tail was sweet, great snap to the pop - which is something every skater is afraid of when trying a new type of board. The wood itself slides really fucking good as well!

All in all this board is SYB approved. No of the lads managed to snap it after putting it thru its rigorous Shralping test. And further more I've heard that no one has snapped one yet by doing a trick so....

1: If your a shralper that maybe wants to learn alot of tricks but keep snapping boards - give it a go!
2: A balls out skater that jumps down big shit and snaps boards constantly - give it a go!
3: A ganja smoking skate hippie (I know stereotype!) / environmently friendly Concrete Slayer - give it a fucking go!"

You can check out these boards online and order one here:- 

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