Friday, 28 January 2011

SYB Friday 666 - 28th January 2011

This weeks Friday 666 comes with some hope and good vibes that the weather is about to turn and shralpers across the land are gonna be able to start hitting the Concrete Seas with some hell fire this year. We can smell a good year of mental shit going down already.... Let's just hope all the grit is washed away from the grimmey streets tae.

To say a big 'fuck you' and 'cheerio' to the winter blues yer boy Shezz blasted a massive ollie high to low at the new section in Unit 23, Dumbarton. On hopefully one of a few visits he'll need to make this year to an indoor..... demon knuckles crossed.

Look out this week for January's Product review by Aaron Wilmot testing.... a Bamboo deck!

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