Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Benson - Top 5's

SYB caught up with the latest Livi Skater to get his name emblazed on tae a skate plank and asked him a few of personal top 5's. We were also lucky enough to have the privilege of our first guest photographer (and one or two words to go with some of the quotes) from Alex 'Slashdog' Irvine, fucking gid photographer and editor of Kingpin skateboard magazine. So cheers Alex and enjoy....

(Alex) Switch front blunt, Elgin.
Myself, Rattray, Stu, Bense & Cubic took a wee trip up North to go and see what the then new concrete had to offer. By the time we got to Elgin it was getting dark and the park had cleared out. Benson dropped this wee beauty nae bother and we all went for a chip supper and then a sick darts & beer session in ESP Mike’s shed. Mike’s bird’s a copper, which amused Benson no end

Q1 - Scottish Skate parks?
1- Livi
2 - Aberdeen
3 - Saughton
4- Buckie
5 - Dundee

Q2 - Go tae tricks?
1 - Nollie 360 inward heel gimps
2 - Switch nollie flamingos
3 - Full cab lazer flip
4 - Switch crazy flips
5- nollie flip cannonball - i’ve got that shits on lock!!!

Q3 - Gid things about livi?
We have a skatepark, nothing else in livi is good.

Q4 - Shit things about livi?
We only have a skatepark.

Q5 - All time livi shralpers?
1 - Div ‘muthafuckin’ Adam
2 - Stu ‘when he didn’y huv tits’ Graham
3 - ‘Sven joran’ Leyden
4 - Mark Burrows
5 - John Rattray.

Q6 - Up and coming livi shralpers?
1- Zeigh kyle
2 - Wee lewis
3 - Mini lou
4 - Needledick
5 - Some wee cunt who wears his maws clothes

Q7 - Livi locals that get on yer tits?
Fools who ride the shoes of shame

Q8 - Places to smoke a zoot?
1 - In the bath
2 - In bed
3 - Zootin while rootin
4 - On the sideline at half time
5 - Skatepark

Q9 - Enemies of Uphall FC?
1 - Mid calder
2 - East calder
3 - Torphican
4 - Cross tavern
5 - Broxburn - half the players in those teams want tay kick ma bawz in. (no surprise there then)

Q10 - Places you’ve been tae skate?
1 - Washington Street,
2 - Rote flora bowl, Hamburg
3 - Lincoln City, Oregon
4 – Burnside
5 - Pier park, Oregon

Now here's some mental sequences Alex was generous enough to spew fourth....

Benson - buckie 1
(Alex) Boneless super mosh, Buckie.
Same weekend, in fact I think it was the same day as the switch front blunt, we hit up the then new park in Buckie. We had to squeegee the fuck out of this place, I say we, Bense and Stu did absolutely fuck all except smoke fags and watch Me, John and Cube do it all..Livi livin’. Have it mosher.

Benson livi 1
(Alex) Nosebluntslide revert, Duh.
Tait bit my shit on this occasion, Death or someone ran a still of a stall revert on the Andover, whereby skate etiquette dictates this wasn’t used and never saw the light of day..So it’s sat around my computer for a few years gathering iDust before making it’s appearance here. It’s a bangin trick a shit tonne harder than the stall and so not seeing it run sucked, shit happens like that sometimes though. Fuck it.

Benson Buckie 2
Transfer BS tailslide @ Buckie. Yet another a la piss-take banger from up north.

Benson USA 1
Up to lippy @ America. "You can take the cheeky bastard out of Livi but you can't take the Livi out the cheeky little git." - Benson killing foreign soil.

Benson USA 2
Corner pocket lien to tail. Yet more proof Benson can kill any concrete transition ye fire in front of him.

Benson Elgin 1
Possible NBD for the SYB blog??! Comment if you've seen one of these published before... Transfer up to cannonball BS disaster reeeves - I think, fuck knows?!

Benson Livi 2
Last but not least a Livi ender!!!! 270 Heelfip indy oot the livi line.

For mare info on Benson and Death skateboards cheeck out their website by clicking here > www.deathskateboards.com either that or go give him abuse on facebook. Or go visit it him at at his new job (sitting on a chair) at new indoor 'Garage Skatepark' in Livi. Either way give him some abuse!

Here's his latest board graphic tae...

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